Oh how I underestimated the vivacity of the story line! The wit, the parallels concerning the times we're living in pertaining to politics & the overarching archetypes. I much prefer when my imagination is allowed to depict the physical essence of a character, hence I opted to reread this classic prior to seeing the overly advertised play for the 1st time. I literally see an advertisement every time I ride the subway.... kudo's to their advertising team.

What started as a depiction of Elphaba as the leading antagonist soon turned into my own self identification and sideline cheerleading for her to "win". And in the background Gregory Maguire weaved in the beginning stages of genocide pertaining to the eradication of Animals and the lack of notice by most of the characters. Ring a bell?! 

Elphie had a feel to her that was reminiscent of a friend from high school whose actions in the here and now are a result of past, painstaking experiences.  Her disposition towards secrecy and isolation reeled me in, while her warmth-driven out only by Fiyero-haunted the remaining pages. I was hooked by her enchanting demeanor and rejection of essentially everyone and everything; Maguire has earned my attention and I look forward to reading the remaining 3 books in the series. Plus I love witches so how could I not write about this beautiful literary piece! 

If you've read it in your adolescents or childhood, I highly recommend reading it as an adult. Two snaps & a twist!