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Why therapy?

A practical reason to consider psychotherapy is because you think you may benefit from it, along with a few examples below:


  • Your family, friend, coworker or mentor suggested it

  • Your relationships are currently strained

  • Your anxiety is impacting  your thoughts and behaviors

  • You constantly feel lonely

  • You use substances to cope with your state of being



I am a licensed clinical social worker in private practice with clinical training working with diverse populations concerning ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, and diagnoses. I am trained in various psycho therapeutic modalities and base utilization on the needs of each individual and their treatment goals. I favor relational, interpersonal and psychodynamic therapy practices with an affinity working with the LGBTQ community. I have acknowledged, from an early age, that putting my energy towards guiding people towards a deeper understanding of their thoughts, emotions and behaviors are where my gifts and talents expand for the good of individuals, their families and society.

26 Court Street  Brooklyn, NY  11242

718.866.3549   sappollon@gmail.com


*CIGNA & Out of Network insurance options