Lilith's Brood

1 of my all-time favorites..... granted I have a loose scope of what gets tagged as a "favorite", but Lilith's Brood holds a special place on the list. This trilogy comprised of Dawn, Adulthood Rites & Imago turned me out to the evocative creativity of sci-fi. Reading her work is like diri kole ak pwa wouj ansanm ak poulet (my ideal Haitian comfort food); I draw in comparisons to food because of the reward & comfort that Octavia serves, it parallels indulgence. May she rest in continued peace.

The storyline is nothing short of mastery integrated in with divine ingenuity. Yes, divine ingenuity! My words can barely capture this Queen's artistry.

I desired my own Ooloi connection though my imagination was the victim of constraint in picturing the world Octavia created. Dawn alone, as 1/3 of this work, can be labeled a classic and I'm hopeful in dreaming that this piece of literature will find its way into classrooms. Octavia attempts to draw out the fantasy of a future utopia while avowing the human condition within that matrix. Even as genetic offspring of humans our innate behavior is as cyclical as the sky is blue.... is it blue?! 

Kudos to my friend, scientist, herbalist, artist, fellow alum & kindred spirit for putting me on (Tati your taste in novels is impeccable!)